Our Story...

With over 40 years of experience serving the Mid-Coast area. Our projects nearly always come from referrals rather than advertising. We place a high priority on building meaningful, long-lasting, relationships with our clients, and as a result receive ongoing requests for work. Our customers have depended on our service for many years; quite often, from the time we have built them their home.

We believe that the building or remodeling of a home is a commitment to both the product and the people who will live in the home, involving our clients at every step along the way. From simple education about the science of building, to helping to make difficult choices, we focus sharply on forging a relationship that will ensure an efficiently run project and a satisfied customer.

In addition to highly qualified lead carpenters and a competent workforce, each project, no matter how small, is overseen by a project manager, providing an additional safety net against miscommunication or oversights. Our friendly management staff has decades of collective experience in construction.

Having begun over thirty five years ago in Saint George, it is difficult to go down any road on the peninsula without seeing some sign of our workmanship. Our growth however, has given us the opportunity to provide our services in Rockland, Rockport, Camden and beyond. Upon request, we would be delighted to furnish a comprehensive list of satisfied customers, available to answer your questions. Call us and let us help you make your dream become reality.